There is a significant increase in the number of patients having bladder cancer in India. Though the disease is not very common a few decades ago, however, these days such cases are getting large in number. There are several specific reasons that cause bladder cancer, such as our inactive lifestyle, change in food and eating habits, exposure to chemical and hazardous environment and so on. If you are diagnosed with the bladder cancer, you should immediately consult with the bladder cancer surgeon in Delhi.

In order to make an informed decision about your healthcare, it is always considered essential to ask the right question with the specialist or expert of bladder cancer treatment. Asking relevant questions will also help you to know more options or proper cancer care treatment. Here is the list of some of the questions that you may ask to a bladder cancer surgeon:

After getting a diagnosis

There are lots of question you should ask while you are diagnosed with bladder cancer such as:

Type or category of bladder cancer do I have?

Can you explain the diagnosis report for me?

What is the grade? Can you simplify it for me?

Is the cancer I am diagnosed with is non-invasive or invasive?

What is the stage of my cancer?

Should I think about the second opinion?

These questions will help you to find out the different meanings of diagnosis reports and how you can take the decision based on that.

Choosing a treatment and managing side effects

Relevant questions will help you to choose the right treatment, decide the inception of treatment and how to manage the side effect that may occur due to cancer treatment.

What are the viable and effective solution or treatment in my case?

Can I delay the treatment or need to start immediately?

Would you like to suggest a clinical trial for me?

What are my treatment options?

Who will be part of my cancer treatment team?

What are the side effects of bladder cancer treatment?

Is it going to affect my sex life? If yes, how long?

About surgery questions:

What type of surgery will it be?

How many times the bladder cancer surgeon in Delhi has done such type of surgery?

How long the surgery will take to complete?

Will the entire bladder be removed?

How long I need to stay in the hospital?

Will the surgery affect my ability to urinate smoothly or conveniently?

Is there any imminent or long-term side effect of this surgery?

What are the chances of a successful bladder cancer surgery?

Follow up and care

Is there any chance that cancer will come back?

What types of side effects or late effects may transpire due to the cancer treatment I received?

Who will be looking after my follow up care?

What are the follow-up tests will I need and often I should I follow them?

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